December 2017
Increase Lead Gen & Engagement with Content Marketing
Using Evidenced-Based Content to Accelerate the Sales Process
Agile Education Marketing
Word of mouth and evidence of success are two critical datapoints customers rely on for their purchasing decisions. Watch this webinar to learn how to create research-based case studies and whitepapers — two powerful forms of content that deliver this sought-after information in a compelling and shareable way. Included are examples of how other education businesses are using these tools to grow their reach and accelerate sales.
Content Marketing Best Practices: Content Writing in 2018
Do you know how to write quality content that will increase organic traffic? Understanding the requirements of SEO can help ensure your content is seen by more potential customers. Learn how the vocabulary and structure of your content can help maximize your rankings and increase traffic.
Insight into Your Customers, So You can Find More Like Them
Got Great Content? How Are You Sharing It?
Agile will help you share your content across channels and with the educators who are most likely to respond.
Email, direct mail, digital advertising, and social media are all effective ways to share your content with educators. Agile's comprehensive and accurate database of preK-12 and higher education personnel is the strongest foundation for your content marketing campaigns.
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Content Marketing Strategy — The Power of Consistent and Quality Content
Adam Erhart,
Creating consistent and high-quality content has time and time again proven to be a powerful way to drive profitable customer actions. The benefits of content marketing far outweigh the costs of creating valuable content. These tips will help you create effective content that will become valuable and powerful assets that increase your business.
The Content Marketing Spectrum
Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute
Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to expand your audience, build loyalty and increase your business. Understanding different content-focused methods, when to use a particular method and how they work together will help you leverage your content to drive business goals and maximize your content marketing strategy.
Content Strategy
You’re on board with content marketing and are ready to get started, but before you begin writing, make sure to first map out a plan for how and why your content will be created and managed. This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating an effective content strategy that will meet the needs of your company and maximize the success of your content efforts.
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