November 2017
Tips to Create an Effective Data Analysis Strategy
6 Basic Email Analytics to Start Tracking Today
Agile Education Marketing
Email can be an effective marketing strategy that is trusted by marketers and educators alike. Marketers use it to build relationships with prospects and nurture them through the sales cycle. Educators use email to help make purchasing decisions. Get the most of your email marketing campaigns with these tips for tracking email analytics.
How to Develop Key Performance Indicators
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are metrics aligned to your business goals and help you know how effectively your company is achieving key business objectives. Learn how to develop the right KPIs for your business and get the data you need to maximize ROI.
 Insight into Your Customers, So You can Find More Like Them
Data to Drive Your Sales and Marketing Decisions
Data profiling that doesn't require a Ph.D.!
Your customers hold answers to how to generate more leads and close more sales. But analyzing your customer data can be difficult, time-consuming and costly. Until now.
With Agile’s e-profile system you can quickly and easily generate reports, charts and graphs to analyze your customer base by key education market demographics that you can use to develop targeted sales and marketing plans.
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Don’t Get Stuck: 5 Ways to Simplify Analytics and Avoid Analysis Paralysis
Web analytics can be tough if you don’t know how to select and parse information that is helpful to your business. There is so much potentially useful information available, and it can be difficult to narrow the metrics you want to focus on. These tips help simplify the process of selecting the right metrics and will help you create a data analysis plan that is aligned to your business goals.
Analyzing Customer Data Successfully
Megan Browning Kvamme, SmartBrief
Data is important for businesses to guide strategy, make predictions, and achieve concrete results, yet companies often spend too much time managing data and not enough time analyzing it. Learn how to streamline your systems so you can better direct your time and resources toward gaining critical, actionable insights with data analysis.
The Metrics That Matter: How to Build Performance-Driven Marketing Campaigns
Paul Roetzer, IMC Video Channel
Companies today have access to powerful tools that generate vast amounts of data. Yet without a strong data analysis strategy, marketers can quickly drown in data. Marketing expert Paul Roetzer shares how to determine which metrics matter and how to craft your data analysis plan to ensure you have the information you need to guide decision-making.
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