October 2017
Reach More Customers with Video Marketing
Show & Sell: The Power of Animated Videos
Agile Education Marketing
Video is becoming the most powerful and effective marketing tool for online businesses. One-third of all online activity is spent watching videos. After watching a video, 64 to 84 percent of users are more likely to buy a product online. Watch this webinar to learn how to maximize your marketing efforts with video marketing.
4 Video Marketing Best Practices from 250,000+ B2B Videos
Tyler Lessard, Chalk Talks for Marketing
Video marketing is all about using video in a more strategic way in order to move the needle. Marketing expert Tyler Lessard has created more than 250,000 marketing videos and shares tips on how to use video content to drive real marketing results. He provides four practical tips to help you get started creating an effective video marketing strategy.
Insight into Your Customers, So You can Find More Like Them
Connect with Educators in a Whole New Way
Introducing Campus—Sales & Marketing Software for Education Businesses
So, you have a brand new video you want to share with prospects and customers. Or maybe you need to send a proposal to a district. You can do both—and so much more—with Campus. It powers every stage of the sales cycle from lead generation to closing the sale and providing customer support. It's designed for how education businesses work.
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5 Epic Viral Videos Marketing Trends
Weekly Marketing Tips
Consumers love video because it gives them exactly the information they need in a highly accessible format. Companies are recognizing the power of video content and are increasingly using this format to strengthen their marketing campaigns. Learn how to make the most of your video marketing strategy with these top trends.
How to Plan Your Video Marketing Strategy
Jennifer Pepper, Vidyard
Whether you are new to video marketing or have been using video content for years, you need a roadmap outlining what it’s all for, where you’re going, and how you’ll measure success. This guide will walk you through how to create a video marketing plan to maximize success.
5 Recommended Platforms For Video Marketing
Jeff Askin, Veed.me
Videos can be used to give your company an increased online presence, and posting them on video platform sites will expand your audience reach. Here are five of the best video platforms that have more views compared to other sites and will help you reach more potential customers.
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