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6 Email Analytics You Should Be Tracking

Google Analytics Overview

Mastering Marketing Metrics

Content Marketing Analytics and Metrics Guide

15 Tricks to Maximize Google Analytics

Gain Insight to Find More of Your Ideal Customers

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Use Agile’s e-profile system to generate reports, charts and graphs to analyze your customer base by key education market demographics. Use the information to develop targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

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October 2016
Gaining Insight Through Marketing Analytics
6 Basic Email Analytics to Start Tracking Today
Agile Education Marketing

Email marketing is incredibly valuable for everything from building brand awareness and improving lead generation to driving sales. Learn about the six things you should track to improve response and maximize your ROI.

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Getting Started with Google Analytics
Google Small Business

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to gain insight into your website traffic. Watch this webinar to learn how to set up Google Analytics and how to use the reports feature to better understand whether you are creating effective content and how your marketing efforts are impacting your bottom line.

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Mastering Marketing Metrics
Tyson Kirksey, Vertical Nerve and Deb McAlister-Holland, Distribution

Too often, marketing teams do not focus on the most relevant information when measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns. Learn which marketing metrics are most important and how to avoid common measurement mistakes like vanity metrics, soft metrics, out of context numbers, marketing jargon, and default data.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Analytics & Metrics
Pawan Deshpande, Content Marketing Forum

Looking at metrics as a whole can be an intimidating task. To make this process manageable, it can be helpful to identify the content marketing metrics most relevant to your business and break them down into distinct categories. The following guide provides a comprehensive overview of analytics and metrics to help you determine the effectiveness of your content and how it affects revenue.

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15 Google Analytics Tricks To Maximize Your Marketing Campaign
Jayson DeMers, Forbes

Google Analytics is the most popular free tool to measure the success of your inbound marketing efforts, yet most companies barely scratch the surface of using this tool. Get the most out of Google Analytics by incorporating these 15 tricks into your marketing strategy.

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