September 2017
Improve Your Marketing Efforts by Getting to Know Your Audience
Educator Persona Worksheet
Agile Education Marketing
Building educator personas is a valuable exercise for every education marketer. Getting to know your company's key audience segments on a personal level will help you maximize your messaging and marketing efforts. Download this free worksheet and start documenting your audience segments today.
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
Principles of Marketing
Zeroing in on your target audience is a critical step in your marketing plan. To do this, marketers need effective strategies to segment and focus on their different audiences. This video will guide you through this process so you can craft messages that are as effective as possible.
Insight into Your Customers, So You can Find More Like Them
Get to Know Your Audience Better
Agile's online data profiling system, E-profile, can help you learn the demographic makeup of responders to specific marketing campaigns, including SEO. Easy-to-understand reports will bring your audience into focus so you can better target your marketing.
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10 Ways to Learn About Your Target Audience
Many businesses lack a clear definition of who their target market is. In order to effectively market your products, it is essential to get to know your customers. These tips will help you define your target audience so you can create more effective messages and maximize ROI.
5 Ways to Get Personal With Your Audience at Scale
Patrick Groover, Marketo
In today's fast-paced world, marketers need to find efficient ways to capture and hold the attention of their target audiences. To do this, businesses need to leverage a self-sustaining strategy that reduces the number of times content needs to be rebuilt or manually placed for personalization. This blog outlines five techniques that will help your company increase customer engagement while reducing the strain of developing more content.
Customer Experience: The Beginner's Guide
Carly Stec, Hubspot
The most successful businesses know why great customer service is crucial to their bottom lines. There are four key competencies businesses should consider when creating a long-lasting customer experience. Learn about these competencies and gain tactical advice for implementing them to improve your customer service.
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