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2016 Digital Marketing Trends

A Beginner's Guide to Retargeting

Eight Reasons Why Digital Marketing Works

Ten Important Digital Marketing Metrics You Need to Track

Five Ways to Maximize Digital Marketing

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July 2016
The Importance of Digital Marketing
Marketing Trends for 2016 - Will We Be in a Post-Digital Era?
Dave Chaffey, Smart Insights

Which digital marketing techniques will matter most to businesses in 2016? This expert conducted a poll to determine this year's biggest marketing trends. Learn more in this article about the poll results, which includes helpful graphs and a discussion on changes in consumer use of digital media and technology.

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A Beginner's Guide to Retargeting
Chris Mercer, Seriously Simple Marketing

For most websites, only a small percentage of web traffic converts into a sale on the first visit. Retargeting can help companies continue to get their products in front of folks who don't purchase the first time around. Learn the basics of retargeting with this video tutorial.

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Eight Reasons Why Digital Advertising Works for Brands
Peter Minnium, Marketing Land

Some question the impact of digital advertising on brand marketing efforts. In this article, columnist Peter Minnium provides hard data illustrating that digital marketing creates new desire, demand, results in a return on your investment and increases in engagement and loyalty.

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Ten Online Marketing Metrics You Need to be Measuring
Jayson DeMers, Forbes

For many business owners, marketing is not given proper attention or funding. This is commonly due to the perceived unpredictability of the return on investment of dollars spent on marketing. These ten metrics will help you gain insight into how successful your online marketing strategy is so you can maximize your efforts and know when strategy adjustments are needed.

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Five Ways to Get More from Digital Advertising
Aditya Bhashyam, Pallav Jain, and Kushan Surana, McKinsey & Company

As spending on digital advertising keeps growing, companies must adapt their traditional marketing model and capabilities for the investment to be effective. This article outlines why companies may not be maximizing their return on investment in digital marketing. Included are tips on how to achieve rapid returns and sustained growth.

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