June 2018
Tips to Create Effective, Engaging Webinars that Convert
Make Your Next Webinar Your Most Successful Yet
Connie Davis, Agile Education Marketing
When it comes to seeking information about education products and services, educators rank webinars as one of their most valuable resources. Like any event, webinars require promotional marketing to maximize registration and attendance. Use our webinar promotion checklist to make sure you get more eyes on your webinar content.
How to Do a Webinar in 8 Steps
Webinars are a popular marketing tool, but few low-resource marketers are doing them often or well. FunnelPlan has reviewed best practices from a number of leading marketing organizations and synthesized them into eight actionable steps. Follow these practical tips to create a webinar that maximizes engagement and increases sales.
Insight into Your Customers, So You can Find More Like Them
Spread the Word About Your Webinars!
Use Agile Education Marketing's Targeted Data to Reach Your Top Prospects by Email, at Home and at School
Even though it's summer break, educators from the district office to school classrooms are focused on professional learning. Agile's comprehensive database of PreK-12 and higher education personnel will connect you with just the right audience — via at-home and at-school email addresses — for your summer and back-to-school webinars.
> Take a look at Agile's data cards to identify your best audience
4 Steps to Choosing an Irresistible Webinar Topic
John Rydell, MeetingBurner
Selecting an engaging and highly relevant webinar topic will help you get the most out of your investment. While content is important, the webinar topic will help you earn greater exposure, more registrations, and better attendance. Create an irresistible webinar topic by following these four steps.
The Art and Science of Driving Webinar Registration
Mark Bornstein
Registration is often the biggest challenge marketers face in webinar marketing. Prospects are busier than ever and are bombarded with all sorts of marketing and advertisements. Learn how to increase webinar registration by catching prospects at a moment of receptivity with a message that resonates.
24 New Rules for PowerPoint, Webinars, Video, and Live Events
Mark Alarik
Marketing expert Mark Alarik has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies and witnessed countless sales presentations. In this webinar, he shares 24 tips for creating effective and engaging presentations that will increase engagement in your webinars and other sales events.
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