June 2017
How-To Guide for Nurturing Leads
6 Tips for Mapping Customer Journeys Through the Education Sales Cycle
Agile Education Marketing
It’s a long process from prospecting to a signed purchase order. Mapping your customer journey is an important step in strategic lead engagement. These tips will guide you as you build a customer journey map through the education purchasing process.
Infographic: 5 Brilliant Best Practices for Lead Nurturing
Bill Faeth, Inbound Marketing Agents
In today's world, newly converted leads are a lot less ready to buy than they used to be. This means that marketers must spend more time nurturing potential customers through the sales process. Learn about best practices for nurturing leads for optimal conversion. Included is a useful infographic outlining the differences of lead nurturing and traditional email marketing.
Insight into Your Customers, So You can Find More Like Them
Generating Quality Leads Takes Quality Data
Agile's comprehensive database connects you with the PreK-12 and higher ed prospects you want to engage with.
Generate leads through a variety of sources using Agile's multi-channel marketing services and accurate data. From direct mail and email to digital advertising and content marketing, Agile's here to help you generate and convert leads.
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Personalized Lead Nurturing
An important component of a successful lead nurturing strategy is engaging people who join your email list so that you can guide them along the path to becoming customers. Industry expert Kyle Hale shares advice on how to use a combination of informative content and one-on-one personal communications to convert leads to sales.
The Keys to Lead Nurturing for Long Buying Cycles
Paul Patrizi, Market One Blog
The sales cycle for complex or expensive products can be lengthy. In these instances it is critical to develop a multi-channel strategy that will foster strong relationships to keep you top-of-mind with your future customers. These tips will help you build a lead nurturing plan that will establish an effective sequence and cadence for communicating with your prospective customers, building relationships and delivering the right information at the right time.
How to Test and Optimize Your Lead Nurturing Strategy
Marketo and SmartBear
Lead nurturing helps companies build relationships and trust with potential customers. But how can you tell if your lead nurturing strategy is working? This webinar provides guidance on how to optimize and test your strategy by segmenting your database, A/B testing and creating a consistent message for multiple channels.
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