May 2018
Improve engagement with segmentation and target marketing
4 Steps to Microtargeted Education Emails
Courtney Pederson, Agile Education Marketing
Most companies have more than one type of "ideal customer." Microtargeting can help you send personalized messages tailored to the various roles of members within each of your core audiences. Deploying highly targeted emails to niche groups of prospective customers will increase engagement, conversions and ROI.
5 Smart Segment Examples to Create Personalized, High-Performing Marketing Journeys
Customers are four times more likely to respond to personalized marketing. So how do you send the right message to the right person? The answer is segmentation. This webinar shows you how to create a better customer experience by segmenting your audience and sending relevant, personalized messages. Included are five examples to help you get started.
Insight into Your Customers, So You can Find More Like Them
Wondering Who Your Best Targets Are? Find out with e-profile
Gain deep insight into the demographics of your customers and prospects to drive your segmentation strategy.
Generate reports, charts and graphs to analyze your customer base by key education market demographics. Use the data to identify characteristics of your top responders and tailor your messaging to their specific qualities.
> Take a closer look at the e-profile online data profiling system
The 3 Most Popular Methods of Segmentation for B2B (Plus Two Bonus Methods)
There are many methods to segment customers. The type of product or service you are selling can influence your segmentation strategy. Learn about the most common segmentation methods for B2B marketers, weigh the pros and cons of each, and make an informed decision about the best method (or methods) for your business.
The Best Free Tools for Market Segmentation
Ben Lee, Rootstrap
To effectively segment a market, businesses need access to data. There are many easy-to-use (and free) tools for getting the data you need to practically segment a market. Start by defining the kind of customer you want to reach and then research the best ways to segment the market. Use the tools to test and refine your segmentation strategy.
5 Simple Ways to Segment Your Social Media Audience
Markiesha Ollison
Segmentation isn't just for email or direct mail marketing; you can apply the same tactic to social media marketing too. Get more leads from social media and improve ROI with targeted campaigns. This guide illustrates how to use segmentation in your social media strategy on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, and more.
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