April 2017
Creating a PR Strategy that Works
Including Content Marketing in Your PR Plan
Agile Education Marketing
Content marketing is one of the best lead generation and lead nurturing strategies, but it can also play an important role in PR. After all, PR is all about storytelling. The case studies, success stories and thought leadership pieces you create for your content marketing campaigns can also be used to pitch the media. These tips will help you create successful content marketing that drives brand awareness and ROI.
ROI 101: Ed Tech PR is About More Than Just Impressions
Jacob Hanson, PR with Panache!
Is there really value in the impressions or reach of an article that is generated from your PR efforts? When measuring ROI, impressions may not be as important as PR experts want you to believe. Learn how to effectively measure PR success in other ways, such as increases in site traffic, bounce rates, specific page performance, and lead conversions.
Insight into Your Customers, So You can Find More Like Them
Know Your Audience. Target Your Communications.
Gain insight into the products and programs districts use.
EdIntel from Agile provides you with actionable information about the districts you’re selling to. It’s not what percentage of districts use an LMS, or even that an individual district is using an LMS, but the type of LMS that is being used.
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The 19 Channels You Can Use to Get Traction
Gabriel Weinberg, Medium
It can be challenging to select the appropriate channels for your PR campaign. This post describes 19 channels that have worked for startups of all kinds and phases. Learn about the benefits of each channel, and use this list as an easy reference when planning your next PR campaign.
How to Develop a Successful PR Strategy
Catriona Pollard, The Huffington Post
An effective PR strategy acts as a guide to the best ways to communicate with potential customers. With your strategy mapped out, you'll be able to more effectively attract your target audience and grow brand awareness. Use these six questions to help you craft your winning PR strategy.
10 PR Trends You Need to be Watching (and Using) in 2017
Chelsea Segal, Cox Blue
Staying on top of PR trends can help you get the most out of your branding efforts. Since digital media is such an integral part of public relations, it’s no surprise that this year will bring changes to the tools and tactics in the PR industry. Learn about the most important PR trends for 2017.
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