March 2017
Direct Mail Tips, Tricks and Best Practices
6 Reasons Why Direct Mail is Essential to Education Marketing
Agile Education Marketing
It seems that at every turn marketers are greeted with one message: It’s the Digital Age. But where does that leave direct mail? Should you drop it completely from your marketing mix? Learn why direct mail is very much alive and why it's still an effective tactic to reach decision-making educators.
Direct Marketing Tips: How to Send a Successful Direct Mail Campaign
Asendia Management SAS
Digital marketing has grown so quickly in recent years, and many have assumed these new channels would make older channels obsolete. Yet direct mail has retained its value and remains one of the most effective marketing strategies. This video provides an overview of how to create a successful direct mail campaign.
Insight into Your Customers, So You can Find More Like Them
Reach Your Best Targets with the Best Direct Mail Lists
Early Childhood | K-12 | Higher Ed
Agile has the most comprehensive, accurate education data available. We'll help you put together a list that will reach the educators most likely to buy your products, and we can help you craft a message that will get them to respond.
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5 Direct Mail Messaging Tips
Summer Gould, Target Marketing
There are many aspects to consider when it comes to direct mail. Too often, one of the most important is the one we spend the least amount of time on—messaging. Clear and concise messaging is critical to the success of your direct mail campaign. These tips will help improve your messaging and response rates.
Effective Direct Mail Design: The 10 Elements of a Successful Postcard
Direct mail campaigns rely on clear design that effectively communicates your messaging and urges customers to take action. But what elements support a good design? What makes a good design effective? Learn the basics of creating a great design so you can get the most out of your direct mail campaign.
Direct Mail Best Practices —The Call to Action
Steve Friar, OnFulfillment
You are almost ready to complete your direct mail campaign. You have created engaging content, crafted a compelling design and obtained a targeted list. But you still need to create a compelling call to action. These tips will help you construct an effective call to action that will drive top response to your direct mail campaign.
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