February 2018
Create an Effective Social Media Strategy to Maximize ROI
Selling to Teachers on Social — Free Playbook
Agile Education Marketing
Social media is an important element of any integrated marketing campaign geared toward raising awareness for education products and services. Get this free playbook to learn the ins and outs of how educators are using social media and how you can leverage this marketing channel to connect with, engage and convert them.
The 6 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2018
Warren Jolly, BigCommerce
Social media advertising is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies today. Because social networks utilize user information, businesses are able to serve highly relevant advertisements to highly targeted audiences. This guide explores the top social media channels and provides advanced tactics and tips for dialing in and managing your campaigns.
Insight into Your Customers, So You can Find More Like Them
Increase the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Advertising
Get a one-two punch by targeting similar educators by email.
Trying to reach second grade teachers, middle school principals or district tech directors via social media? Increase your reach and brand awareness by sending educators with similar demographics email using Agile's comprehensive database of PreK-12 and higher education personnel.
> Take a look at Agile's data cards to identify your best audience
Social Media Monitoring in Education: From Cluttered to Effective in 10 Minutes a Day
PR with Panache!
Social media marketing can be a powerful tool to increase sales, but it does require work, planning and monitoring. This eBook will help you build a plan to monitor the social media information you need in a tight, streamlined strategy, in just 10 minutes a day.
The Social Media Revolution
Long Doggers
For many of us, social media has become a normal part of our everyday lives. It's even been argued that social media is more than just a passing trend and is the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution. This video shares facts about social media usage and makes a good case for why businesses need to include social media in their marketing strategies.
The Beginner's Guide to Facebook Audiences and Targeting
AdEspresso, Hootsuite
Facebook has more than a billion daily users and is one of the best channels for marketing campaigns. Using Facebook's targeting tools, businesses can become effective at serving ads to a highly targeted audience. In this guide, learn about the different ways to create and serve ads to individuals who are interested in your products and services.
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