February 2017
Best Practices for Conferences and Trade Shows
Steps to Take Before, During and After Your Next Education Conference
Agile Education Marketing
The education conference season is officially upon us, and Agile data shows attending events are a great way to connect with customers. Educators value these events for learning about products and services. We've provided some steps to help you attract and nurture leads and maximize your attendance at conferences and trade shows.
Trade Show Marketing 101
MaRS Discovery District
Trade shows are about energy and buzz, and they can be a great networking opportunity. Get the most out of attending conferences and trade shows with these tips on improving participant engagement with your booth, generating (and pursuing) quality leads, and preparing your team for a successful show.
Insight into Your Customers, So You can Find More Like Them
Get education market knowledge from inside the district and behind the classroom door.
EdIntel — valuable insight into what products and programs schools are using
No other source gives you more actionable information about the districts you’re selling to. It’s not what percentage of districts use an LMS, or even that an individual district is using an LMS, but the type of LMS that is being used.
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Developing a Successful Trade Show Experience
R.C. Brayshaw & Company
One of the best ways a company can market their business to hundreds of potential new customers is to exhibit at a trade show. This article provides a helpful infographic on pre/post marketing strategies. Included are some little-known statistics about participant behaviors that will help you stand apart from your competitors.
10 Tips for Choosing the Right Trade Show to Attend
Peggy Swords, Excalibur Exhibits
Trade shows can be an effective way to generate many leads in a relatively short span of time. But knowing which event is the best fit for your business is key to your ROI. These tips will help guide you through the process of selecting the best conferences and trade shows for your specific business.
Successful Networking — The Ultimate Guide
Christopher Barrat, TEDx Talks
Lead nurturing is the process of connecting with potential customers at every stage in the customer's journey. Establishing an effective lead nurturing system will help you maximize your marketing efforts. Learn all about lead nurturing in this webinar, which includes tips on timing, content creation and segmentation, and examples of nurturing campaigns.
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